Random Snippets

Exposed. Pulled from the sand. Shocked into the elements. Dandelion delicacies torn asunder in the wisp of a breath. Introspectives seize the assumptive possibilities. The living art suddenly turned out by the haphazard lathe baffles, fascinates, disrupts a carefully crafted vagary. Ambiguity of certain proclivities arrests extant self. Let the narrative of the causatum commence.

To dream just a little longer.  To hope.  To long.  To float on the everlasting whim of a beautiful facade.  Instead, an upper-hand is given.  An uneven match.  No trump in sight.  Out of her depths.  All in with a just-discovered bluff.  A mask of determination is donned.  Futility lurks around a nearby corner.  A flutter through her core announces the betrayal of anticipation.  Salt glistens just beneath the surface.  Where is the rain to absolve this casuistical dawn?

Uncharted. Swept out to unknown depths. Frigid currents entwine. Catch and release. Catch and release. Dimpled surface reflecting the perforations in presumed sensibilities. Aspiring truths fade – delayed, decayed – laid to rest, withered upon the shore.

-Random snippets of writing orphaned in my journals

Thoughts? Musings? Pertinent ramblings of your own? Please share!

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