She followed the moon’s rising with an intent stare.  Time passed without real awareness.  There was something from before that weighed heavily in the back of her mind, but she let the dust and cobwebs take it.

A new flock of birds had arrested her attention.  She was occasionally able to drive one or two of them away, but even then their feathers fell to her feet.  Each night she swept their feathers into a dark corner of her mind and walked away without a backward glance.  Eventually, her thoughtless habits evolved into a mind-dulling repetition of scattering and sweeping away with no true purpose.

Then, she sat up.  She lost her focus on the still rising moon as a cool breath of air awakened her forgotten senses.  Slowly, curiously, she stood and crept over to where the dust had settled and the spiders ruled.  She looked around, not entirely sure of what she was looking for, and found a shade staring quietly back at her.

“I know you.” She thought.

Who are you?

-Originally written Thursday, August 3, 2006 at 1:30am

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