Who is Ivory Calla?

Who is Ivory Calla? Ivory Calla is a humble writer, who is passionate about seeing the world, people watching, hiding out with books (hello introversion), hanging out with her family, snuggling with her dogs, and many other ways of living life to the fullest (though she hasn’t perfected that last part yet).

Why Ivory Calla? Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom… ok, that’s a little over the top. Back in 2006, she met the first love of her life. After dating for a few years (yeah, you read that right), he finally proposed, and they set out to live happily ever after. As they planned for their wedding, she informed her Prince Charming that her favorite flower was a lily and that she specifically wanted calla lilies for her bouquet. Her thoughts fell along the lines of how nice it would look to have the smooth, ivory texture and sensual lines of said flowers to complement her ivory satin wedding dress.

Ivory Calla and Her Prince Charming

Alas, her Prince said, “but those are for funerals,” and she went a different lily direction.

Fast forward to January 2014, and her Prince Charming departed in peace very suddenly and unexpectedly. As they both had bizarre senses of humor, she felt it would serve him right to have calla lilies on his grave marker. Though loss is devastating, there are still little things you can find to lighten the load a bit and illicit a smile.

The End of But One Book Out of an Epic Series of Life

“And now you know, the rest of the-,” no, sorry Paul Harvey, this story isn’t finished yet! A few years later, Ivory Calla was fortunate enough to find a new Prince Charming to marry. (The trick to finding your Prince or Princess, is not to look too hard, and to “look” in places you’d never think to look!)

Prince Charming 2.0

To be continued…

Thoughts? Musings? Pertinent ramblings of your own? Please share!

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