A Steep Price

Prompt: Suspense, An Audio Engineer named Leland Lamb, A Window, “Do not leave me.”, Your character has just met the love of his life, Age: 52, Short, Dark Skin, Waist-length mahogany hair, Piercing Blue Eyes, Gaunt Build, Serious Personality, Has Seen the World, 350 Words

Ava Blain readjusted her blouse nervously as the odd-looking audio engineer intently clipped the lavalier microphone to her collar. Given her quick rise to international fame, she wasn’t sure she’d ever get used to the attention that came with being a world-renowned political activist. Affecting change in the world comes at a steep price for introverts.

“There you are, Miss Blain, you’re all set now. Just speak naturally, and the mic will do its job.” The little man had a surprisingly deep voice considering his slight build. His sun-darkened skin contrasted beautifully with his piercing blue eyes, but the long, mahogany hair came across as a lost bet and clashed with his serious demeanor.

Ava was used to noticing people, all people. She grew up as the forgotten, lost wallflower, consistently shuffled to the edges of concern, skirting the fringes of the periphery. Of course, that all changed when she spoke out behind the scenes at a political rally a few weeks ago. Little did she know, there was a live microphone beside her that picked up her musing and broadcast it to the entire packed arena! Now, here she sat, about to be interviewed yet again by some worldly journalist and- and caught staring into the eyes of the behind-the-scenes help!

He gave her a genuine smile, and she realized that this was the first time a smile from a stranger had ever calmed her. Who is this guy? She wondered.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” He asked with seemingly dual intent.

“N-no. Thank you…” She leaned forward and inclined her ear for his name.

“Leland,” he answered and blushed.

“Thank you, Leland.” She returned his smile.

A loud crack shattered the moment. Was that the window breaking? She wondered.

“Don’t leave me!” A voice called out in desperation from far away.

Was that Leland?


Why does he sound so far away? Where am I?

The room suddenly seemed impossibly bright, so bright that she couldn’t block it from burning through her eyelids.

A solid, discordant tone haunted Leland as the paramedic shouted: “Clear!”

Note: Today’s and last Friday’s prompts were pulled from www.TheStoryShack.com. If you are looking for a quick writing fix, consider running with one of the ideas generated through this site!

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