Prompt: Full

All of life can be summed up in a single word – Full.

Pain. Fear. Hunger. Curiosity. Mischief. Daring. Need. Hate. Stupidity. Lust. Love. Happiness. Eagerness. Frustration. Fear. Pain. Regret. Sadness. Acceptance. Peace.

That single word accompanies us through each stage of life, ever present. These are but the broad strokes though, the high-level view, clean, simplistic, matter-of-fact. There is yet one other word sadly missing, misplaced, or misused, however. What if we were to add this powerful word alongside the stream of all the other stages? It would create the most beautiful harmony if we carried it along, married forever to “full,” not just a blip in time. What if we could all live life full of faith?

Prompt from Love in Ink’s “A Year of Creative Writing Prompts”

Word cloud image created using the app “Shapego”

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