Well… That’s Embarrassing

Life has thrown me a few curve balls lately, hence the break in posts. Let’s see if this kicks things back in gear

Prompt: Choose an emotion and describe it without ever using the word. (Pulled from Jenn Maxwell’s “101 Writing Prompts”

No one understands it quite like I do. It takes over, sometimes when you least expect it: a little pop of sound in public, tripping over your feet, choking on your beverage during a first date… Other times it sneaks up on you – a delayed reaction: broccoli in your teeth while networking, getting someone’s name wrong without correction, an undetected rip in the seat of your pants… It isn’t simple anxiety or fear, it’s more complex. A tell-tale flush, sweat on your brow, unconscious shrinking, a presumed cloud of patronizing, psychological odor. If you’re lucky, it will fall to the forgotten recesses of your observers’ minds, merely lingering to antagonize you through a morphed, hi-def continuous replay. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. Most have surely experienced, but likely assume a greater depth of impact than anyone else can fathom, wrapped as we are in narcissistic self-reflection; meanwhile, the world has moved on, taking a bullet train to the next shiny moment.

Thoughts? Musings? Pertinent ramblings of your own? Please share!

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