No Excuses

Infused in my core, my being, my very essence. Entwined in my every move, every choice. They have become my go-to instinct and illusory shield. Nothing can touch me as long as they are woven believably enough into the fabric of reality. They whisper encouragement, wedging between myself and my better judgment, allowing for indulgence and inching me closer to self-destruction- toeing the edge- precariously flaunting a false sense of impunity.

We each wage an inner war, fighting for freedom from our hedonistic proclivities. Excuses are the pawns carelessly deployed- the seductive demons encouraging laziness, gluttony, pride, greed, lust, wrath, and envy. They are endless in nature and insidious enough to impregnate our every thought and action (or inaction) if given the slightest opening.

Truth is the queen- the ultimate defense. Vigilance must be maintained – an ever-present state of mind in the battle for integrity.


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