Curse of the Blank Page

It mocks me. It whispers bits of inspiration that are too muffled to discern. Brilliance eludes. Palettes of words, ready to be blended into clever phrases and thought-provoking… I am at a loss. My brush has smeared words across this canvas that I cannot morph into “happy little” whatevers. Lines and erasures mar the once clean fibers. Scratches of nonsense meander aimlessly onwards in some pathetic attempt to craft a piece that won’t be embarrassing. As the end of blankness draws near, I wonder…

Sitting in a coffee shop with my husband the other day, I stated “Ah, the curse of the blank page!” His response was to “start with that,” so I did. Thankfully, said “blank page” was a short one on my Supernote (eInk device), or who knows how much blather it might have included before the end! So while this contains a bit of truth, it was written as a fluff of whimsy.


Thoughts? Musings? Pertinent ramblings of your own? Please share!

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