(A piece of prose poetry) (Public domain image rendered in the style of Van Gogh in the Deep Dream Generator.) Derailed. Unwittingly dislodged. Forcefully shunted into uncharted territory. Surrounded by raw materials, but without the wherewithal to cobble together a new track. No bed to lay down. No sleepers. Anchored to nothing. Braced for the … Continue reading Derailed


To Her Misguided Lord

(Response to Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress") If time fell shy of a normal passing, I would wish for love's long everlasting. We would sit and watch a twilight unfold, Or love's beginning, unsullied, unsold. You, sweet Lysander to my heart, I would Hold till the tide of eternity should Sweep us to our flower-strewn place of rest. Thus, you … Continue reading To Her Misguided Lord