Her Song

She would wait for the day to dawn, for the storm clouds to part, for the sun to fill her very soul.

Her moon shines softly down upon her eyelids.  She feels a light breeze on her skin, promising rain.  A rustling of leaves as they fall to the ground at her bare feet quiets her thoughts for a moment.  She senses the world around her.  Nothing is at peace.

She is not alone.

An aching song haunts from a distance.  She can’t quite grasp it.  It pulls her forward against the wind and the falling leaves.  A few raindrops caress her cheeks.  Her feet slowly make a path through cool, damp grass.  She craves the music as it comforts her soul.  She reaches out to it, trying to draw it in with her eager grasp.  Her fingertips lightly graze a single measure, just enough to instill in her a moment of pure bliss.

However, the music dissipates as the rain picks up.  Her memory echoes that single measure for a few moments, and then there is only the sound of steady rain.  She opens her eyes to her dampened world and feels the pull of the earth beneath her.

She waits.

-Originally written Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at 12:03am

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