(A piece of prose poetry) (Public domain image rendered in the style of Van Gogh in the Deep Dream Generator.) Derailed. Unwittingly dislodged. Forcefully shunted into uncharted territory. Surrounded by raw materials, but without the wherewithal to cobble together a new track. No bed to lay down. No sleepers. Anchored to nothing. Braced for the … Continue reading Derailed


Grounds for Peace

A fire crackles in the distance. All is near silent except for fire splitting wood and ash drifting like heavy dust to the flat ground. A couple of old crates and a hay bale circle the fire with a single cowboy prodding the logs before setting an old, dinged up pot on top. He then … Continue reading Grounds for Peace

Curse of the Blank Page

It mocks me. It whispers bits of inspiration that are too muffled to discern. Brilliance eludes. Palettes of words, ready to be blended into clever phrases and thought-provoking... I am at a loss. My brush has smeared words across this canvas that I cannot morph into “happy little” whatevers. Lines and erasures mar the once … Continue reading Curse of the Blank Page